Feedback and Critiques.
There is no better feeling for a songwriter than to know his or her song is reaching people. Many of us write obscure songs in our bedrooms as a kind of personal therapy but those songs seldom resonate with more than a handful of people. And even though I appreciate a quirky personal voice in songwriting, poetic license and breaking so-called rules, my focus here is guiding you to write well-crafted songs that connect with your audience. We want you to be accessible and even “commercial” without selling out who you are as an artist.

When inspiration strikes, it can make you get down on your knees with gratitude, but there is also a craft to songwriting. There are nuts and bolts, tools of the trade that you can pick up along the way to help you write better, more focused songs. Good songwriting is something you can learn. I can talk to you about how to improve your craftsmanship.

It’s my job to help you make your songs stronger. I’ll critique what you give me and help you take it to the next level of professional excellence. I offer feedback on all aspects of your songwriting. Lyrics, melody, and of course The Big One: Song Structure

Sometimes an unimaginative arrangement, a weak vocal, or a rambling instrumental passage can keep a good song from achieving greatness. I’ll give you my view of the performances and the production on your demo or record.

I’m available to screen a batch of your songs – even in the roughest forms – and recommend which of these songs to develop or demo.

$50 per song critique
Sue will provide detailed written feedback on music, lyrics, and structure.

$90 per hour for phone consultation
We will discuss your specific goals and fine-tune your song(s) together.

$100 per hour for in-person consultation
We will meet to discuss your song(s) in depth – we’ll review and refine phrasing and focus in your lyrics and music together…be sure to bring your guitar and recording device to capture anything we come up with.

Workshops & Group Consultations.
Sue is also available for songwriting workshops. Please email Sue for fees and details.

How do you get your songs to me?
You can send me songs in a variety of formats. I can listen to mp3, mp4, WMA, AIFF, QuickTime, RealAudio and iTunes files. You can also send an electronic link to your music. Please be sure to include your lyrics – it’s best to send them as Microsoft Word or PDF documents. I can also read “Rich ”files. You may pay by check, money order or through PayPal. Include $50 per song.

Snail Mail
Send a CD or cassette of your songs, including a legible copy of your lyrics. Please make sure there is room on your lyric sheets for me to make comments. If you’d like your songs returned, please enclose an SASE. You may pay by check, money order or through PayPal. Include $50 per song. Please email me and I will forward a mailing address.

Phone Consultations
Email me to set up an appointment by phone. I require that fees be paid in advance. You may pay by check, money order or through PayPal. Please include $90 per hour for phone consultation.

In-Person Consults for Songwriters in the Seattle Area
I am available to meet with you in person at my favorite Coffee House. This is a good chance to discuss your career goals and business plan in addition to my reviewing your songs. Email me and we’ll set it up. (I buy the coffee.) You may pay by check, money order or through PayPal. Please include $100 per hour for in-person consultation.

My Guarantee. 
I may not like every song you give me, but if you are dissatisfied with the quality of my assessments, I will give you a full refund.